Vudu Park in Visakhapatnam to get a smart solar flower

DEC 07, 2020

VISAKHAPATNAM: The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) will install a smart solar flower at VMRDA Park (popularly known as Vuda Park) with around Rs 40 lakh as part of on-going renovation works.

The smart solar flower, which works on a mechanism similar to a sunflower, is a ground-mounted solar system that follows the sun all day. GVMC believes that the smart solar power will become another attraction at this popular park.

Even though the park belongs to the Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority (VMRDA), GVMC has included the facelift for the park as a convergence project under the Vizag Smart City project. GVMC will spend a total of Rs 33.5 crore on park facelift works.

GVMC superintending engineer (smart city) M Vinay Kumar said that park renovation works will be completed within the next one month. “Several smart city projects will be concluded in December,” Vinay Kumar said.

The park is set to host a range of attractions including multipurpose play areas, galleries, an amphitheatre, lake boating, walking tracks and yoga space. It will also house rare and medicinal plants. A bonsai garden will be developed.

Located adjacent to the beachfront with idyllic hills on the other side, the Vuda Park is one of the first-generation parks of Vizag which has been serving as a great tourist attraction. Due to its location, the park is visited by both residents and tourists.

While the old charm of the park remains intact, the facelift is expected to bring advanced facilities to the park which will attract more visitors. GVMC has developed several parks on the beachfront as well as colonies under the smart city project.

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